Who We Are

Earth, Inc. is a general contractor that specializes in moving earth, grading, and underground utilities.  Our operation includes a materials division that produces aggregates in addition to drilling and blasting services. A subsidiary, Earth Transport Inc., provides on-highway transportation services for construction materials and equipment mobilization.

Company Capabilities 

  •  Earth-moving and grading of land for projects, including site development, highways, roads, and cranberry marshes
  • Use of GPS hand rovers and GPS-controlled dozers and graders used on large and small projects to             ensure precision workmanship
  • Installation of underground utilities, including sanitary sewer systems, storm sewer systems, and water mains           
  • Set up site dewatering through the use of under-drain systems
  • Production of aggregates in our quarries for use on project sites, as well as privately contracted jobs                 
  • Removal of asphalt and concrete pavement and crushing on-site to provide aggregates for reconstructed roads
  • Drilling and blasting services for pits, quarries, or site development
  • Recycle crushing, contaminated soil excavation and transportation, and dump truck rental